Topps Champions League Showcase 2015/16

Die Serie umfasst folgende Karten:

The series includes the following cards:

200 Basiskarten                                                      25 Best of the Best

  25 Decorated & Dignified                                      6 Decorated & Dignified with Autograph                       

  40 Champions Pedigree                                     10 Champions Pedigree with Autograph
  10 Road to Victory


  54 Autograph Cards                                             10 Prized Collection Autograph

  15 Champions Pairings Autograph

Bilder zur Basisserie

Basecards green parallel /99

Basecards God Parallel /50

Basecard Black Parallel /5

Decorated & Dignified

Decorated & Dignified with Autograph

Decorated & Dignified red parallel /25

Champions Pedigree

Champions Pedigree with Autograph

Best of the Best

Road to Victory

Autograph Cards