Panini Prizm Euro France 2016

Die Serie umfasst folgende Karten:

The series includes the following cards:


250 Basecards                                                     11 All-Qualifying

  60 Country Combinations Duals                        24 Country Combinations Triple

  16 Country Combinations Quard                       24 Country Logos 

  10 Defender of the Flag                                     15 European Championship History

  32 Forward Thinkers                                          24 Keepers

  10 Pride of Europe                                             24 Scoring Leaders

  32 Stars of the Midfield                                      24 Team Photos

Parallel basecards: Silver Prizm; Light Blue and Red Prizm, Flush Prizm; White Prizm; Blue /249; Red /149; Purple /99; Orange  /20; Light Blue  /15; Gold /10; Green /5 and Black 1/1

Parallel Sets Inserts: Silver Prizm; Gold /10, Green /5 and Black 1/1



Signature Cards:

38 Signatures                                                          9 Dual Signatures

  1 Triple Signature

Parallel Sets: Orange /20, Gold /10 and Black 1/1

Basecards (set compelte)

Basecards Parallel Silver Prizm

Basecards Parallel Orange /20

Basecards Parallel Light Blue /15

Basecards Parallel Green /5

Basecards White Parallels

All-Qualifying Team (set complete)

Dual Team Cards (set complete)

Triple Team Cards (set complete)

Quard Team Cards (set complete)

Team Logos (set complete)

Defender of the Flag (set complete)

European Championship History (set complete)

Forward Thinkers (set complete)

Keepers (set complete)

Scoring Leaders (set complete)

Stars of the Midfield (set Complete)

Stars of the Midfield Gold Parallels /10

Team Cards (set complete)

Pride of Europe (set complete)