Panini Donruss Soccer 2016

 Die Serie umfasst folgende Karten:

The series includes the following cards:


230 base cards (201-230 Debuts)    

Parallels: Gold, Holographic, Purple, Silver, Swirlorama, Press Proof Die-Cuts #/149, Canvas #/49, Mosaic #/15


  20 Accomplishments                                            48 Picture Perfect
Parallels: Gold, Holographic, Press Proof Die-Cuts #/149, Canvas #/49, Mosaic #/15


  48 Dominator                                                        39 Production Line           

Parallels: Gold, Holographic, Canvas #/49, Mosaic #/15               


  10 35th Anniversary Edition


54 The Beautiful Game Signatures  

Parallels: Press Proof Die-Cuts #/99 or less, Gold Die-Cuts #/10, Platinum Die-Cuts 1/1


  7 Dual Autographs                                                  6 Triple Autographs

  4 Quad Autographs


Basecards (BVB) purple parallels (set complete)

Basecards (BVB) silver parallels (set complete)

Basecard (BVB) Swirlorama parallels

Basecards (BVB) Press Proof Parallels /149 (set complete)

Basecards (BVB) Cavans Parallels /49

Basecards (BVB) Mosaic Parallels /15

Donruss Debuts (set complete)

Donruss Debuts Purple Parallels (set complete)

Donruss Debuts Silver Parallels

Donruss Debuts Swirlorama Parallel

Donruss Debuts Press Proofs /149 (set complete)

Donruss Debuts Cavans /49

Donruss Debuts Mosaic /15

Accomplishments (set complete)

Dominator (set complete)

Picture Perfect (set complete)

Production Line (set complete)

35th Anniversary Edition

The Beatiful game Autographs